My Virtual Christmas List

So its almost that time of year again where mom’s and dad’s start asking what we want for Christmas. Normally I reply with, “I don’t know”, because the only stuff I’m interested in these days is servers and storage and virtualization…. so I thought I’d make it easy on them and me this year by putting together a list of new toys I’d like to have for my lab environment. :)… don’t worry it’s a short list…

As you can probably tell if you visit this site… my servers are in need of an upgrade. The current Dell’s aren’t able to run 64-bit VMware so its time for an upgrade. So number one on the list is 2 – Hp servers.

HP DL365 G1’s or maybe HP DL385 G2’s

Also there is a need for some extra storage… might as well look at an old EMC box…

EMC AX100 although I would settle for another HP MSA1000

or maybe even an MSA30 drive shelf for the one I have….  (here is a cheaper one 🙂  )

UPDATE: I totally forgot but I’ll take an IPad too…. I mean this cant be a geek’s Christmas list without one right?

Other then that and some accessories to go with them (like RAM, a hard drive or two, and some more fiber channel HBA’s) I think I’m pretty well good to go. So if your related to me, or hell even if your not, and want to get me a present… anything on the above list will do quite nicely LOL. But seriously I’m sure that the first baby (due the 27th) will be enough of a Christmas present for both the wife and me. Plus I’m sure I wont have much time to mess around with any new toys right away this year. Happy holidays everyone.


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