Power Outage and Upgrades

If you tried to access my site Saturday you probably got a “page could not be displayed” message. Apparently the power at the datacenter in Dayton went out for a bit and took out one of the service providers switches. So between that and some upgrades I’ve needed to do for a while, we are back online. Now my ESXi servers are utilizing an MSA1000 Fiber Channel SAN. Hopefully this will also speed up the site a bit since its on 7 spindles instead of 2. Other upgrades include 3GB more ram to ESXi2, bringing both servers to 6GB. I also have two 2.4Ghz processors to put into ESXi2, but forgot them so that will have to be another day. Before the upgrades the servers were at about 70% memory usage and averaged about 30% CPU usage each. But because the storage is all on the MSA now, I was able to delete to Openfiler virtual machines that were sharing the local esx storage to the other servers. The initial design got the job done, but this is much cleaner and faster.


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4 Responses to "Power Outage and Upgrades"

  1. Was trying figure out the rack layout to install the EMC VNX 5300. So was doing a Google search for images of Rack layouts with EMCs. Had no clue I would stumble across the one of the tech’s blogs that may be installing the EMC solution.

  2. Wow. I guess google things you are doing something interesting then. I have read a few of your articles that you have linked on your employers site. They have always been well written. Going to need to add this site to the list of sites I check from time to time.

  3. Normally we install the EMC toward the bottom of a rack and the additional drive shelves stack on top of the head unit. This allows for expansion upwards as your needs grow. We will usually install the servers toward the top of the rack as well as any switches in the back so we can keep all cabling back there and keep the front of the rack nice and neat.

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