Lab 3

Disaster Recovery with Zerto

Lab Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

Lab Skill level: Basic – Intermediate


In this lab you take the role of an administrator at a small company that has just deployed VMware vSphere. However due to a growing backup window and expensive software renewal costs, a decision was made to deploy Veeam Backup and Replication in your test environment as a pilot.

The goal of this lab is for you to configure a newly installed Veeam server to protect a test virtual machine. In addition, you will also need to do a test restore of a word document from a windows vm. At the end of the lab you should be familiar with Veeam as well as how VMware API’s for Data Protection and Veeam can be leveraged to better protect your business.


Lab users only need a basic understanding of virtualization and VMware products, no prior experience with Veeam or Hypervisor based backups is required.

Tasks Include:

  • Create an initial backup of our test file server
  • Review a file on the file server and delete it
  • Restore the deleted file with Veeam
  • Create a replication job to replicate our file server
  • Failover our file server to the DR site ESXi server
  • Verify that our FileServer is not running at DR

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