VMware vSphere

After verifying the procedures in the environment overview and establishing connectivity to the customers network via vpn, rdp, or another remote support app try the following:

  • Ping the vcenter server to verify it is online, after a successful ping test try to use the vSphere Client to connect to the Virtual Center server. If this succeeds use the GUI client to check to see if there are errors or alarms triggered. Normally there are yellow or red icons to indicate this.
  • If you can ping the vcenter server but cannot connect to it with the vSphere Client try using RDP to login to the server. Sometimes there are problems with SQL server not starting quickly enough which causes the Virtual Center Server service to not start. If this is the case go into the MS Windows Services control panel and try to manually start the VMware Virtual Center Server service.

VIM_CMD notes

vim_cmd vmsvc/power.off

vim_cmd vmsvc/power.shutdown

vim_cmd vmsvc/getallvms

When a virtual machine appears as “Invalid”, but you can still RDP to the server…

Log into the host esx/esxi server and remove the VM from inventory, then browse the datastore and readd it back to inventory and everything should be ok.

Powering off unresponsive VM’s






2 Responses to "VMware vSphere"

  1. Wondering if you can help with an issues that I am seeing more of in our enviroment.

    we currently have a SAN using ISCSI, the setup was done with all ISCSI nics on the same subnet for exaple.

    from what I have reading is this should be on different subnets for proper multipathing.

    the issue is LUNS presented to a VM ware host is properly seen but sometimes it looses the LUN. the specific host in question has three LUNS. when it losses the LUN, the paths are still there and active. from the SAN I can get to the host ISCSI address etc..
    when we attempt to ad the LUN back to the storage group, it se the LUN as a blank disk. the workaround we have is to re number the LUN ID.. so if the LUN id on the SAN is set to 5 at the time or creation, renumbering it to 6 would help etc.

    any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.. the SAN we have is Aberdeen NAS devise.

  2. Interesting. I would need to look at some of the VMware log files to see why its disconnecting. Sounds like there might be an underlying issue. I would also have to take a look and see what the recommended config is for an aberdeen, because we would have to find out what underlying Programs it is using and if it supports multiple addresses on its initiator. shoot me an email at [email protected] and we will take a look

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