In mid-November, I signed up for the Amazon affiliate program.

What does this mean?

Well, if you follow a link to Amazon from my site and make a purchase, Amazon will give me an “advertising fee” for getting you to their site.

I had already been reviewing and talking about things that I have purchased on Amazon, reviews which were sending traffic to their site already.

The affiliate program simply monetizes that “free” advertisement and gives me a little side cash to help buy more tech toys!

It doesn’t cost you anything

Essentially Amazon is simply giving up part of their profit to me, you won’t see the price of items change at all.

Basically, their justification for compensating me is that if you hadn’t read my article you might not have found the item on their site. So for that, they reward me.

How to help

First off, don’t buy anything you don’t need. The Amazon kick back is a VERY tiny piece of my blog’s income. But, if you think you can’t live without one of the products I have reviewed or blogged about, then please follow the link from my blog to the product and purchase away!

Also if you don’t already have Amazon Prime then I suggest you sign up. After the 30 day trial it is $99/year, but if you order a few times you will find that the free 2 day shipping more than covers the annual membership fee

You also get bonus’s like free music and video streaming for a BUNCH of content, including the new “Grand Tour” series.

Thanks in advance!

So, I want to say thanks if you do make a purchase on Amazon after reading a review or post of mine. Tech toys aren’t always cheap and ever little bit of cash that my blog generates helps offset my costs for things like home lab power, home lab devices, web server hosting fees, etc.