Lab 1

Getting to know the vSphere 5.1 Web Interface

Lab Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Lab Skill level: Basic


In this lab you take the role of an administrator who has just installed VMware vSphere 5.1 with the full featured web interface.

The goal of this lab is for you to get to know the new web interface and how to preform common tasks, just as you would in the legacy vSphere Client. The take away is simply to be better prepared to use the web interface once you deploy it in your environment.


This lab is meant to be an introduction lab and takes you from the group up, therefore lab users only need a basic understanding of virtualization and VMware products.

Tasks Include:

  • Create a Datacenter
  • Create a Cluster
  • Add an ESXi host
  • Create a Virtual Machine
  • Upload an ISO image
  • Monitor VM Performance
  • Check for Alarms

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